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so let us know about your music website/blog.

Across The Kitchen Table – some half decent tunes…
Acts of Vandalism – sharing under-appreciated music both new & old
The Album Wall – a blog about albums
All About Blues Music – best in blues music, traditional and modern
All Dylan – a Bob Dylan blog
Alternative Tracks – the alternative to manufactured pop
Annie’s Music-y Thoughts – “writing about songs I like”
Another Kind Of Mind – includes recommended books on music
At The Edge Of The Sea – Gareth’s blog of musical discovery
Backseat Mafia – current Psychedelic Music Scene
Bagging Area – Swiss Adam’s music blog
Beat City – new music podcast
Beat City Diary – with a little rhythm & soul
Beat Surrender – a constant fix of new music
Beaten Generation – music … because (Paul Flint’s blog)
Best Albums of the Year – from the year 2000
Blabber ‘n’ Smoke – a Glasgow view of Americana
The Blackpool Sentinel – music conversation, some of it long-lost
The Blue Moment – a blog about music by Richard Williams
Border Affair – Songwriters & Rockers
boxofpeppers – taking waffling about music to unexplored heights
Brian Greene – writer – Brian Greene’s blog
Burned All My Notebooks – Wayne Jessup’s blog
Busy Are We? – Mixless mixes – decent new/old music
chimesfreedom – Pophistory: music, movies, history, life
Chop’s Top Fives – putting everything in its right place
The Clarkophile – celebrating Gene Clark
Classic Album Sundays – a new listening experience
The Classic Rocker – too much to dream last night
Classical 33 – online UK record store
Contra-Flow – recommended rock compendium
Cooking Up A Quiet Storm – only the finest musical ingredients
Dayz of Purple & Orange psychedelic music (not all flowers & sugarcubes)
Derek’s Music Blog – lifelong crate-digger, all sorts of music
Did Not Chart – “no commercial potential” (FZ)
Do You Remember Music – yesterday, back by popular demand
Downstairs Lounge – vinyl nuggets of British comedy records
Eight Miles Higher – Andrew Darlington’s blog
Electronic Sound – online magazine
Elements of Jazz – all about the vibrant world of jazz
emilystrax – Emily Reily’s blog … music is a passion
Essentially Pop – pop essentials…and a little bit more
Every Record Tells A Story – music blog, reviews & reports
Everything Indie Over 40 – celebrates a golden age of music
Factory Records – complete catalogue etc
Fallen Angels Club – Glasgow Americana
The Fanning Sessions Archive – Irish recordings from the 80s
Fast ‘n’ Bulbous – reviews rants & lists Up the Wazoo
50thirdand3rd – for music junkies
First Ear – discovering new music
Folk Music & Folk Singers – progress through the folk scene
For Your Reading Entertainment – a music and culture blog
Forgotten Hits – musical memories and loving lists
Free EPs – covermounts collected
Frozen Veg Project – creating new music inspired by old
Garage Hangover – 1960s garage rock bands
Garden Forum – PJ Harvey community
The Ghost of Electricity – a blog of blether & grooves 2006-2013
The Great Album Diaries – listening to the greatest albums ever made…
Hidden Herd – trawlin’ for new music, waxing lyrical
Hiding Under Covers – readings/writings/listenings from Rob Webb
History, Mystery, Music & Pop – David Lewis’s blog
A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs – podcast – one song at a time
An Ideal For Living – Matt Catchpole’s music blog
Ill Folks – celebrating the under-appreciated & unusual
The Immortal Jukebox – music and popular culture
Into the Popvoid – an alternative history of pop
Irish Rock – Irish music from the 60s onwards
Isolation Records – totally independent music site
JamSpreader – music blog spreading good jams…
Jimi Hendrix Lifelines – compiled by Ben Valkhoff
Joop’s Musical Flowers – original versions of famous songs
The Jukebox Rebel – thousands of tracks and albums rated & reviewed
Keep On Living – lives of the great bluesmen
KendrickMusicFreak – from early 80s indie to britpop & beyond
Kill The Sound – Jonathan Horsfall’s music blog
Lamontations – Norman Lamont’s blog
Lanigan Abstract – creates a wall installation of your favourite song
Lazer Guided Melody – tangents from listening to too many records
Life of Vinyl – news of vintage vinyl
Louder Than War – editor John Robb
Made You A Tape – celebrating the lost art of mix tapes
maffblog – compiler of album lists
Mainly Norfolk – English Folk and other Good Music
Make Your Own Taste – eclectic reviews of ambient, psychedelic, folk etc.
Marmalade Skies – the home of British psychedelia
MillersMixTapes – because compact is cool
Mix It All Up – signed and/or unsigned bands in S.England
Monday Monday Music – Rock ‘n’ Roll and Americana blog
Monkey Picks – reviews and indulgence by Mark Raison
Motown Junkies – analysis of every Motown single
The Music Room – open the door and listen
Music To Wash Up To – John Toolan’s blog
Music vs The World – reviews of new bands, playlists
Music With Rich – one big long music conversation
Musical Urbanism – the intersection of urban studies and popular music
Musically Speaking… – Bear’s Gig Almanac and other stories…
Muso’s Guide – new releases, news, interviews, features
My Eighties – growing up in the 80s
My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection – listening one record at a time
My Life in the Mosh of Ghosts – every gig I’ve ever seen
Nanostalgic – nostalgic appreciator of college rock
Negative Insight – 1980s hardcore punk
The New Perfect Collection – building the (new) perfect collection
Nineties Albums – Top 50s
OBs Music UK – for talented-but-under-the-radar-musicians
On Books On Music – reflections on new books about music and musicians
On Pirate Satellite – radical music therapy
One Album a Week – a hidden gem once a week
101 Collectors’ Records – great UK second hand record shop
1001 Songs – 40 years ago today in music
Other Formats Are Available – music and random culture
Peter Viney’s blog – music and entertainment reviews
Prog Archives – most complete progressive rock resource
Psychedelic Jukebox – music from the golden age
Radio London – listen to a Big L Fab 40
Ralph’s Life – music blog – new bands
Ready steady girls! – European female singers of the 1960s
RedSoapBox – “lovely music writing as ever”
The Riverboat Captain – musings on music and more
Rock Roots – Irish Rock Music Archive
Say It With Garage Flowers – musical musings from Sean Hannam
Scientists of Sound – the latest and best new music
706 Union Avenue – all there is to know about Sun Records
The Shadow On The Wall – underground and indie music lovers
Simon Reynolds blissblog – retromania, rip it up & other sites
Sing Out! – folk music pioneers
Sir Shambling’s Deep Soul Heaven – A-Z of Soul Music
Something Else! Reviews – thoughts on rock, jazz, blues…
The Songs That People Sing – music blog 2008 onwards
Soul and Jazz – around 25 new shows posted each month
Sound & Music – UK national agency for new music
Soundblab – for fans of alternative music
Sounding Bored – UK monthly music podcast
Sounds Familiar – Nicola Tyzack’s music blog
Spiked Candy – vintage, French & lesser-known pop
Stritch Manzello’s Record Room – it’s the music that counts!
Take a Trip to Anorak City – fanzine writer, record collector!
Tales from the Woods – roots music networking
Talk from the Rock Room – on bootlegs, guitars, classic rock and records
The Beautiful Music – collectors & distributors of fine music
Then Play Long – reviewing every UK No.1 album
They All Exist – a journey through the Nurse with Wound list
33.45.78 – All Vinyl Radio Show – formerly Back To The Sugar Camp
Tiny Music Critic – pithy reviews of new releases
TJ Music – a roots music magazine
Today’s Album – everyday a classic or newly discovered gem
Totally Shuffled – a year of listening on an iPod
Trust the Wizards – genre-defying, epoch-crossing musical podcast/blog
Turn Up The Volume! – for music junkies and gig addicts
TweeNet – the indiepop reference and portal site
Vinyl Hops – beer & vinyl
Vinyl Rewind from the Vinyl Geek – guides you with his charming wit
Virago Magazine – music, art, culture, film
Vive Le Rock! – magazine
Voices of East Anglia – retro pop culture
Way Back Attack – keeping the music of the 50s and 60s alive
We Love All That – musical memories
The Wood and the Trees – music and gigs blog