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Posted on Jul 15, 2019 in 90s, ALTERNATIVE, Indie

Formed in a squat in Leeds in 1984, the anarchist pop group Chumbawamba were a most unlikely mainstream success story. After more than a decade in relative obscurity, much of it spent attacking the very notion of stardom, the band signed to a major label in 1997 and quickly scored a major international hit with the riotous single “Tubthumping”…

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David Kitt

Posted on Jul 9, 2019 in 00s, Indie, Singer/Songwriter

This Irish singer-songwriter grew up surrounded by music, with his father and uncles forming a successful touring folk group. Kitt first began performing live sets while studying at Trinity College, Dublin, where he completed a postgraduate course in music technology. He recorded and mixed the songs for his debut release on a digital eight-track in his bedroom…

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Pink Floyd

Posted on Jun 30, 2019 in 60s, 70s, Prog Rock, Psychedelic, ROCK/POP

Some bands turn into shorthand for a certain sound or style, and Pink Floyd belongs among that elite group. The very name connotes something specific: an elastic, echoing, mind-bending sound that evokes the chasms of space. Pink Floyd grounded that limitless sound with exacting explorations of mundane matters of ego, mind, memory, and heart, touching upon madness, alienation, narcissism, and society on their concept albums of the ’70s…

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The Waitresses

Posted on Jun 26, 2019 in 80s, ALTERNATIVE, Post-punk

To most new wave fans, the Waitresses are a fondly remembered part of the ’80s one-hit wonder pantheon, even in spite of the fact that that one hit was a cult phenomenon that didn’t even reach the Top 40. Yet “I Know What Boys Like” was the sort of daring, instantly memorable pop nugget that epitomized the era…

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Nancy Sinatra

Posted on Jun 23, 2019 in 60s, ROCK/POP

Growing up as the child of one of the greatest icons in American music can’t be easy, but Nancy Sinatra managed to create a sound and style for herself fully separate from that of her (very) famous father, and her sexy but strong-willed persona has endured…

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Allan Holdsworth

Posted on Jun 19, 2019 in 80s, Fusion, Instrumental, JAZZ, Prog Rock

Guitarist Allan Holdsworth was widely considered one of the finest instrumentalists in all of jazz fusion, yet never truly received the recognition that he so rightfully deserved. Born on August 6, 1946, in Bradford, Yorkshire, Holdsworth was originally taught music by his father, who was a pianist. He didn’t pick up the guitar until he was 17 years old, but learned the instrument quickly…

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The Clancy Brothers
and Tommy Makem

Posted on Jun 14, 2019 in 50s, COUNTRY/FOLK, Traditional Folk

The Clancy Brothers are a family of singing Irish expatriates who have been important figures in re-popularizing their native music in North America and are still among the most internationally renowned Irish folk bands. Some even credit the band as important figures in starting the folk revival of the ’50s and ’60s…

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Four Tops

Posted on Jun 10, 2019 in 60s, Motown, Rhythm & Blues, SOUL

The Four Tops’ story is one of togetherness and success. These Motown legends teamed up in high school, spent over four decades together without a personnel change, and in between became a top-tier act on a label with no shortage of talent, ranking with the Temptations and the Supremes as its most consistent hitmakers. Where many other R&B vocal groups spotlighted a tenor, the Four Tops were fronted by deep-voiced Levi Stubbs…

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David Grisman

Posted on Jun 7, 2019 in Americana, Bluegrass, COUNTRY/FOLK, Instrumental, JAZZ

David Grisman is normally associated with the bluegrass wing of country music, but his music owes almost as much to jazz as it does to traditional American folk influences. Because he couldn’t think of what to call his unique, highly intricate, harmonically advanced hybrid of acoustic bluegrass, folk, and jazz without leaning toward one idiom or another, he offhandedly decided to call it “dawg music”…

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Anima Mundi

Posted on Jun 3, 2019 in 00s, Prog Rock

Anima Mundi is a Cuban progressive rock band formed in 1996 that combines symphonic rock, new age, Celtic, space, and traditional Cuban music. Musically similar to the commercially successful British symphonic acts of the 1970s, the group incorporates multiple layers of synthesizer-led progressions with a rhythmic and percussive backdrop of sharp bass and polyphonic drumming…

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