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Lee Roy Parnell

Posted on Jun 11, 2020 in 90s, Country, Southern Rock

Part of a long line of Texas roots music eclectics, Lee Roy Parnell’s music was a blend of hardcore honky tonk, barroom rock & roll, blues, boogie, Western swing, blue-eyed soul, and occasional gospel. Unlike many other hard-to-pigeonhole artists, Parnell actually enjoyed a run of success on the country charts in the early ’90s. He was born in Abilene, Texas, on December 21, 1956, and grew up on his parents’ ranch…

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King Creosote

Posted on Jun 8, 2020 in ALTERNATIVE, Indie, Singer/Songwriter

Singer/songwriter King Creosote is inspired by his Scottish roots and preserves his beloved upbringing in the North Sea town of Fife through music. A storyteller in song and a poet at heart, King Creosote’s previous work with the Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra and Khartoum Heroes was magic for a while, but the desire to express his eccentric creativity didn’t come together until he went solo…

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Dr. Hook

Posted on Jun 5, 2020 in 70s, Country Rock, ROCK/POP

Mellow country-rock outfit Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show are best known for their 1972 novelty hit, the Shel Silverstein-penned “The Cover of ‘Rolling Stone’,” though they were also a respectable chart presence throughout the 1970s. The New Jersey-via-Dixie band had a raucous biker-gang image that belied a surprisingly smooth, laid-back style, one that presaged the lite-rock and adult alternative sounds…

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The Miracles

Posted on Jun 2, 2020 in 60s, Doo-wop, Motown, Rhythm & Blues

Scoring over 40 hits on the R&B Top 40 charts, the Miracles started out as the Five Chimes in the mid-’50s while the members were still in high school. The Detroit vocal group consisted of William “Smokey” Robinson, Warren “Pete” Moore, Clarence “Humble” Dawson, Donald Wicker, and James “Rat” Grice…

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Lloyd Price

Posted on May 30, 2020 in 50s, Rhythm & Blues, Rock 'n' Roll

Not entirely content with being a 1950s R&B star on the strength of his immortal New Orleans classic “Lawdy Miss Clawdy,” singer Lloyd Price yearned for massive pop acceptance. He found it, too, with a storming rock & roll reading of the ancient blues “Stagger Lee” and the unabashedly pop-slanted “Personality” and “I’m Gonna Get Married” (the latter pair sounding far removed indeed from his Crescent City beginnings)…

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Homer & Jethro

Posted on May 27, 2020 in Country, COUNTRY/FOLK, Humour

Known as “the thinking man’s hillbillies,” Homer Haynes and Jethro Burns got a lot of mileage out of an act that shouldn’t have lasted or gone as far as it did, at least on the surface of things. Certainly there were other, far more established duos mining similar turf on the country music circuit, with Lonzo & Oscar leading the way. But Homer & Jethro were far more than just two hayseeds doing cornball send-ups of pop tunes…

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Posted on May 24, 2020 in 70s, Prog Rock, ROCK/POP

Genesis started life as a progressive rock band, in the manner of Yes and King Crimson, before a series of membership changes brought about a transformation in their sound, into one of the most successful pop/rock bands of the 1980s and 1990s. In addition, the group has provided a launching pad for the superstardom of members Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins…

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Rod Paterson

Posted on May 21, 2020 in Traditional Folk

Widely recognised as the foremost male traditional singer in Scotland, Rod has been involved with stage productions and has featured on many radio and TV productions … he was a founder member of one of Scotland’s most influential and respected traditional bands, ‘Jock Tamson’s Bairns’. Alongside his many recordings including those with ‘Jock Tamson’s Bairns’ and ‘The Easy Club’, Rod has made 3 solo albums and is a renowned interpreter of Burns…

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Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

Posted on May 18, 2020 in 60s, Rock 'n' Roll, ROCK/POP

Kidd (b. Frederick Heath, 23 December 1939, Willesden, London, England, d. 7 October 1966, England), is now rightly revered as an influential figure in the birth of British rock. Although his backing group fluctuated, this enigmatic figure presided over several seminal pre- Beatles releases. Formed in January 1959, the original line-up consisted of two former members of the Five Nutters skiffle group…

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The Dream Syndicate

Posted on May 15, 2020 in 80s, ALTERNATIVE, Psychedelic

One of the most celebrated bands to come out of the Los Angeles “Paisley Underground” scene of the ’80s, the Dream Syndicate were different than most of their peers. While bands such as the Rain Parade and the Three O’Clock owed a debt to psychedelia, and the Long Ryders and Green on Red were informed in different ways by roots rock, the Dream Syndicate clearly adored the intricate wordplay and edgy energy of Highway 61 Revisited-era Bob Dylan…

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