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Toppermost #998: Del Shannon


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Dansette cutout
‘Where are we going, fellas?’

‘To the top, Johnny!’

‘Where’s that, fellas?’

‘To the toppermost
of the poppermost!’

(John Lennon)







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Toppermost launched 1st July 2013



The brainchild of Welsh music journalist Kevin McGrath, the V4Velindre charity compilation digital album is totally unique and brings together creative artists from Europe and America (including Armstrong, BOB, Nightingales, Wedding Present) to raise funds for the NHS at the Velindre Cancer Centre in Whitchurch, Cardiff, where Kevin has been cared for as an outpatient over the past eight years.

“A brilliant, lovingly compiled album.” John Harris, author and music journalist

For some background into the project and full details of the 43-track listing see the God Is In The TV website.

V4Velindre was released on 1st October and you can buy it for just £7 here.