PJ Harvey

A Place Called HomeStories From The City...
All And EveryoneLet England Shake
C'Mon BillyTo Bring You My Love
Dear DarknessWhite Chalk
LegsRid Of Me
Plants And RagsDry
Pocket KnifeUh Huh Her
The WindIs This Desire?
The Words That Maketh MurderLet England Shake


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Contributor: Jon Sanwell

PJ Harvey is an artist who doesn’t repeat herself, a true original of British music. Each of her eight studio albums has its own distinct mood and style, but each is unmistakably Polly Jean. Those changes in mood and style are apparent not just in the music, but in the lyrical themes, cover art and Harvey’s own appearance. Since the release of Dry in 1992, she has produced a series of unpredictable left turns, from the ferocious blues of Rid Of Me, to the rocky swagger of Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, to the fragile piano laments of White Chalk. 2011’s Let England Shake defies categorisation altogether. John Peel always said that he liked to hear music that was unlike anything he’d heard before; it’s no wonder that PJ Harvey was one of his favourites.

In an effort to give some idea of the breadth of her output over the years, I’ve included at least one track from every album. I’ve no idea what she’ll do next, but I know that I want to hear it, and I know that it won’t be like anything she’s done before.



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  1. Mat Baker
    Sep 22, 2013

    What, no “Rub til it bleeds”? I have always thought of this as her anthem! You are spot on though Jon – her music is near impossible to define, which really makes her stand out. Her body of work is truly unique – I cannot think of another artist who veers wildly like Polly Harvey. She is a true British gem.

  2. Nairn Davidson
    Nov 22, 2013

    I really wasn’t bothered with her music until she released “White Chalk” which really sounded like she had found her voice. Everything else since has been immensely enjoyable.

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