Quantum Jump

Captain BoogalooQuantum Jump
The Lone RangerQuantum Jump
No American StarshipQuantum Jump
Over RioQuantum Jump
Something At The Bottom Of The SeaQuantum Jump
Don't Look NowBarracuda
Love Crossed (Like Vines In Our Eyes)Barracuda
Starbright ParkBarracuda


Quantum Jump playlist



Contributor: Ian Ashleigh

Quantum Jump. A short life, 1973-77 (with a brief reappearance in 79), one top ten UK hit with a reissue, and two fantastic albums powered by Rupert Hine’s incredible humour and talent. Trevor Morais (formerly of The Peddlers, see Toppermost #17) is such a tight drummer and gave the band its funky feel.

One hit single courtesy of Kenny Everett. The Lone Ranger, well you have to have this – Quantum Jump’s greatest hit! With its references to homosexuality and drugs wrapped up and almost hidden, it was Tony Blackburn’s record of the week until the BBC listened properly to the lyrics – then they banned it!

The two albums. Quantum Jump (1976) and Barracuda (1977). I love every track. Every one is a little gem so I’ve chosen five tracks from each album (what a cop out, I hear you say).

From Quantum Jump, Captain Boogaloo, the musical superhero. Over Rio is just a bouncy upbeat track. No American Starship – a five minute piece of quality production, just wonderful. And Something At The Bottom Of The Sea a four part musical exploration. I’m taking all four parts.

From Barracuda, Don’t Look Now is just a great pop song, and full of joy. You just have to have the title track, Barracuda, all moody opening and then building with harpsichord and violins. I’m a sucker for a track with a prominent bass line. Starbright Park takes some young Brits to America full of naivety and expectation. That’s what it says to me. Love Crossed (Like Vines In Our Eyes) – instant, upbeat and perfect phrasing, a not-so-obvious love song. Neighbours is just totally tongue in cheek and showcases the humour that pervades every song.

The third album, Mixing, was a compilation of the previous two. Rupert Hine showcased his genius in these two albums and blended musicians to create some fine music. Here’s a link to No American Starship


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