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From the CD booklet of the second studio album ‘Magic And Medicine’ 2003 – photos by Kevin Power, Ray Tang, Lyndsey Smith-Das, Arthur Janssen, Jonathan Worth




Contributor: Dave Ross

What is The Coral? The Coral is a band of brothers. A rapscallion bunch of travelling minstrels on a journey through time and tide waiting for no man. If there’s a story to be told, The Coral will find a melody and harmonies for it.

From The Coral’s melodious treasure island like buccaneers on the high seas taking their bounty across the world for all to feast upon. No one is excluded but if you cross them … Look out. With a slash of their strings, you’ll be gone. The Coral takes no prisoners, but you can come along for the ride if you have the spirit of adventure in you. Do you?

In a once stardust seaside town, The Coral become carnies working the waltzer and the wurlitzer. Win a prize, take a ride, have song. A song to take you back there, you know where. A Proustian penny coin drop of summers ill-spent in amusement arcades at the end of broken piers. That’ll be the day.

On vast plains of the New World, The Coral travels, seeking new believers ready to enjoy the riches their music brings. Riding into town with guitars across their backs. Hombres welcoming all, the good, the bad and the ugly. No gunfight at the O.K. Corral just a hoedown with The Coral. OK?

Like films of the wild west, pirates and urban Britain, The Coral paint vivid, cinematic soundscapes full of familiarity and wonder.

The Coral’s musical vignettes take you back to novels of adventure, larger than life characters and fantasy.

Kings of the wild frontier. The Coral is Adam and the Ants for the 21st century yet filling your senses with influences drawn from deep in the 20th. The Beatles, The Byrds, The Band, The Stones and The Monkees. Oh yes, the Nesmith Monkees and his First National Band are strong here.

The Coral cares not a jot about top tens. The Coral’s music is for all. There’s no need to judge it, love it, hate it or rank it. Just pick a tune or choose your own and journey to wherever the music leads you. The Coral is a moment, a memory, a feeling, a time or a place. This is The Coral.

When it’s done and all this is gone
Just find the feeling, pass it on


Pass It OnMagic And Medicine
The SinnerHoly Joe’s Coral Island Medicine Show
That’s Where She BelongsSea Of Mirrors
Roving JewelButterfly House
Mist On The RiverCoral Island
GoodbyeThe Coral
Put The Sun BackRoots And Echoes
You Closed The DoorThe Curse Of Love
Butterfly HouseButterfly House
LiezahMagic And Medicine


Coral playlist


The Coral are releasing two new albums on 8th September 2023. The first, Sea Of Mirrors. The second, Holy Joe’s Coral Island Medicine Show.



The Coral photo 2

From the CD booklet of the fifth studio album ‘Roots & Echoes’ 2007
photos by Kevin Power, Ray Tang


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